All achievement is the triumph of persistence.

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Troop 3 had its beginnings in Pack 16 at Crafton Elementary School. Cubmaster Randy Lincoln led pack 16 in the early 1990’s. In June of 1994 the boys leaving Pack 16 dispersed into several different troops throughout Redlands. The adults that were associated with Pack 16 during this time continued to see each other through soccer, baseball, and Cub Scout events. Many times the discussion turned to Boy Scouts and what the kids were doing in their respective troops. Before long a common theme emerged – no one was satisfied with the troop they had joined. The comment was made, “We should have just started our own troop and stayed together.” In September of 1995 a meeting was held at Mr. Lincoln’s house to discuss the prospect of starting a new troop.

Mr. Lincoln went through all the necessary hoops at the district office, found the Mentone Scout House, and found the troop a charter organization – The Greenspot Women’s Club. Our first leaders, in addition to Mr. Lincoln, were Assistant Scoutmasters Art Till, Kevin Daugherty, Dustin Couey, Jim Sorensen, and Jim Marshall. Committee Chairman Brian Connor, Troop Secretary Kellie Connor, Scout Office Liaison Dianne Lincoln. Troop 3 held its first official meeting on October 18, 1995 at the Greenspot Scouthouse. The only trained scout leader present was Assistant Scoutmaster Art Till. It was Mr. Till’s responsibility to train not only the scouts, but the leaders as well! Eight boys attended the first meeting. By the second week David Gilmore, Cory Elgin and Matt McCullough had joined the troop. Of these 12 original scouts, seven went on to earn Eagle – Bob Connor, Matt Daugherty, Jim Connor, Alex Couey, Justin Lincoln, Ben Daugherty, and Justin Sorensen.

Troop 3 Greenspot

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